Epica® DGX 288 MultiMode Fiber Input/Output Board, Simplex

DescriptionMultiMode Fiber Input/Output Board, Simplex
Part #FG1055-521
Analog | Digital
Video - Audio

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The exclusive digital platform delivered by our DGX Technology allows multiple high-resolution signal styles to be converted freely internal to the matrix switcher to numerous outputs with various styles. In addition, DGX fiber products integrate the ability to receive and/or transmit signals directly via SFP fiber connections.

InstaGate Pro® Technology

No tools, no delays and no key constraints. AMX's exclusive InstaGate Pro Technology allows traditionally key limited sources to be freely switched to any display without the typical HDCP delays.

SmartScale® Technology

Enjoy crystal clear perfect resolution on every display using AMX's exclusive SmartScale Technology which automatically outputs video that is perfectly scaled to each connected display

The EPICADGX288-VIO-MMF-S is a Simplex Multimode Fiber Input/Output Board designed for use with the Epica 288 Fiber Matrix Switcher. Each board contains 16 connections, and each connection is both an input and an output connection. Thus, each board is a full 16x16 configuration.

Compatible with DXLink Multi-Format Simplex Transmitters and DXLink HDMI Simplex Receivers, the board can also receive and send signals from or to any Enova DGX system utilizing simplex fiber boards. This makes the Epica DGX 288 the ideal solution for very large infrastructures that require multiple systems that are directed to a central hub for wider distribution.

Pass crystal clear, high resolution video with zero compression, along with audio. Compatible DXLink Fiber Receivers feature SmartScale® Technology which automatically responds to the display's declared EDID information, scales the video resolution, and adjusts the video parameters to match the display's native format. SmartScale Technology ensures every display operates at its preferred resolution and eliminates the incompatibilities that can arise in matrix switching systems when the output resolution of the source is not supported by some or all of the displays in the system.



  • Signal Type Support
    • DXLink Multi-Mode Fiber, Simplex
    • (Connectivity between TX and Input Connection and Output Connection and RX requires matching model types, multimode to multimode or single mode to single mode. The backplane architecture of the Epica DGX 288 allows for single mode inputs to be routed to multimode outputs and vice versa)
  • Compatible AMX Products
    • Must be used in conjunction with an Epica 288 Matrix Switcher Enclosure and a DXLink Simplex Multimode Fiber Transmitter and/or Reciever including DXF-TX-MMS (FG1010-363) and DXF-RX-MMS (FG1010-563)
    • Note: Can be used in conjunction with Duplex Transmitters and Receivers, however the system will maintain one-way simplex functionality. Simplex infrastructure does not support control transport over fiber (such as Ethernet, USB, IR, Serial Control or EDID); although when used as part of a complete AMX controlled solution that includes NX Control hardware, control can be provided if a supplemental independent network connection is used.
  • Compatible Formats: HDMI Video / Audio over fiber
  • Regulatory Compliance: See Epica 288 Matrix Switcher Enclosure for regulatory compliance
  • Safety Certifications: Class 1 Eye Safe per requirements of IEC 60825-1 / CDRH


  • Transport Layer Throughput: 10.3125 Gbps
  • Video Data Rate (max.): 4.95 Gbps
  • Video Pixel Clock (max.): 165 MHz
  • Progressive Resolution Support: 480p up to 1920x1200,60 Hz
  • Interlaced Resolution Support: 480i, 576i, 1080i
  • 2K Resolution Support:
    • 2048x1024,47Hz; 2048x1080,60Hz; 2048x1152,60Hz; 2048x1536,24Hz
    • 2K formats are only compatible with DVI, HDMI, and DXLink Fiber Input/Output Boards and require the output or RX Scaler to be set in Bypass mode
  • Deep Color Support: 24-bit
  • Color Space Support:
    • RGB 4:4:4
    • YCbCr 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 (Input signal support is for YCbCr 4:4:4 and 4:2:2; output color-space is converted to RGB 4:4:4.)
  • 3D Format Support:
    • Frame Packing 1080p up to 24 Hz
    • Frame Packing 720p up to 50/60 Hz
    • Frame Packing 1080i up to 50/60 Hz
    • Top-Bottom 1080p up to 24 Hz
    • Top-Bottom 720p up to 50/60 Hz
    • Side-by-Side Half 1080i up to 50/60 Hz
    • The scaler on the corresponding DXLink Fiber RX must be set to Bypass mode.
  • Audio Format Support: Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS
    • 2 CH through 8 CH L-PCM
    • Dolby Digital and DTS support up to 48 kHz, 5.1 channels
  • Audio Resolution: 16 bit to 24 bit
  • Audio Sample Rate: 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz
  • HDCP Support
    • Full matrix HDCP support (includes any input to any or all outputs)
    • Key Management System
    • AMX HDCP InstaGate Pro® Technology
    • Key support up to 16 destinations per output/receiver, independent of source device
  • CEC Support: None
  • Connectors: 16 LC Simplex Fiber ports (with an input and an output connector on each) conforming to ANSI TIA/EIA 604-10 (FOCIS 10A)
  • Fiber Cable Types and Supported Length: OM3 50/125 mm @ 984 ft. (300 m)
  • Optical Wavelength: 850 nm
  • Multimode Optical Budget:
    • 6.8 dB (typical) between DXLink Fiber transceivers
    • Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA): -4.3 dBm (min.)
    • Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA) Sensitivity: -11.1 dBm (typical)
  • Multimode Optical Transceiver Mean Output Power: -1 dBm (average power)
  • DXLink Fiber Input Port Propagation Delay: 5 ms
  • DXLink Fiber Output Port Propagation Delay: 5 ms


  • DXLink Fiber (LC Simplex) Transceiver (Signal support depends on the type of DXLink Fiber Transmitters and Receivers used.): HDMI with embedded digital audio DVI with or without HDCP or embedded digital audio Analog video input (RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, Y/Pb/Pr) Digital audio or analog stereo audio


  • Standard Timing Identification (Default Shipping EDID*): See the Epica DGX 288 Reference Manual for more information.

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The most current and complete specifications for this product can always be found at AMX.com: AV for an IT World.

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