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Mio Modero Remotes (Discontinued)
MIO-R4 Mio Modero R-4 Remote
MIO-R3 Mio Modero R-3 Remote
MIO-R2 Mio Modero R-2 Remote
MIO-R1 Mio Modero R-1 Remote
IR and RF Remotes (Discontinued)
TXC-24IR 24-Button Credit Card IR Remote
TXC4+ 4-Button Transmitter (RF, 38/455 kHz IR)
TXC4L+ 4-Button Transmitter (RF, 38/455 kHz IR)
TXC16+ 16-Button Transmitter (RF, 38/455 kHz IR)
TXC32+ 32-Button Transmitter (RF, 38/455 kHz IR)
PC Presenter PC Presenter System (No Power Supply)
PC Presenter LP Laser Pointer Presenter System
PLR-IR1 IR Wireless Remote Control
TX64 64-Button Transmitter
TXC-MS 23-Button Transmitter (RF, 455 kHz IR)
TXC-MSL 23-Button Laser Pointer (RF, 455 kHz IR)
TXC-CT5 Classroom Transmitter
TXC-CTB Classroom Transmitter and Barcode Reader
TX-MLCD Mini LCD Transmitter
TX-SK+ SoftKey Transmitter
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