Comparison Chart

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System Diagram

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Presentation Interfaces


Presentation Interfaces

Total Presentation Interface (Discontinued)
TPI-PRO-DVI Total Presentation Interface with DVI
TPI-PRO Total Presentation Interface
Touch Panel Interface (Discontinued)
NXP-TPI/4 NetLinx Touch Panel Interface
TP4-VID Video Input Card for TPI/4
TP4-RGB RGB Input Card for TPI/4
TP4-RGBCBL RGB Breakout Cable
NXA-CFTPI CompactFlash Upgrade for TPI/4
NXA-EXM SDRAM Upgrade for TPI/4
AXB-TPI/3 Touch Panel Interface 3
TP3-VID TPI/3 Video Input Card
TP3-VGA TPI/3 VGA Input Card
TP3-RGB TPI/3 RGB Input Card
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