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System Diagram

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System Diagram

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Serial Protocol Editor


Digital Signage

AMX offers Digital Signage Solutions that allow our customers to easily and consistently develop top quality content and create impactful messages that help them communicate effectively via an integrated network media approach. In addition to offering signage players, software and templates to make it easy for users to get up and running quickly, AMX provides training and support to make it risk-free for our Dealers to offer digital signage. What makes AMX unique is we can integrate our Control systems with signage giving users more flexibility and management control over the entire signage deployment enabling critical capabilities such as getting a notification when a display goes offline and being able to reset it remotely. With no on-going software license fees, AMX Inspired Signage solutions are subscription-free which makes them more cost effective than subscription-based solutions. AMX Digital Signage can be combined with other AMX Media Management Solutions for a fully integrated network media solution.


Digital Signage

Inspired XPert

Inspired XPert provides the industry's best content software to make creating and managing digital messages simple. It is ideal for larger deployments where there are several content contributors. It includes workflow management tools that allow a review and approval process before content gets published to displays, plus availability of professionally developed templates or custom content design services.

IS-XPT-2200 Inspired XPert Player
IS-XPT-2000 Inspired XPert Player
IS-XPERT-MGMT Inspired XPert Management Suite
Custom Solutions Inspired Signage Custom Solutions
IS-XPT-2000-DK Inspired XPert Demo Kits
IS-XPT-2100 Inspired XPert Player
IS-PLAYER-200 Inspired XPert Player
IS-PLAYER-200LM Inspired XPert Player with Live Media
IS-COMP5-DESK Inspired Composer Desktop License
IS-COMP5-SERV Inspired Composer Server License
IS-COMP4-DESK Inspired Composer Desktop License
IS-COMP4-SERV Inspired Composer Server License
IS-XPT-TP-EDU Inspired XPert Education Template Pack
IS-XPT-TP-COR Inspired XPert Corporate Template Pack
Inspired Accessories
NMX-ENC H.264 Encoders
XPORT-SERV-100 XPort Data Integration Software
AC-SMB Surface Mounting Bracket
IS-XPT-CBL-MDP-3 3ft Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable
IS-XPT-2000-VESA Vesa Mount, Inspired XPert Player
IS-XPT-2100-RM Rack Mount for IS-XPT-2100 Inspired XPert Player
IS-SPX-MNT VESA Mount adapter for IS-SPX-1000 and IS-SPX-1300
IS-SPX-SERIAL Inspired XPress Serial Cable
IS-XPT-2000-RM Rack Mount, Inspired XPert Player
Inspired XPress (Discontinued)

Inspired XPress is an award-winning digital signage solution featuring one of the most compact, energy efficient players in the world. It is perfect for smaller deployments where users want to create their own content and template designs, and will have only a few content contributors.

IS-SPX-XPRESS-S Inspired Signage XPress Std License
IS-SPX-XPRESS-P Inspired Signage XPress Pro License
IS-SPX-1300K Inspired Signage XPress Player Kit
IS-SPX-1300 Inspired Signage XPress Player
IS-SPX-1000K Inspired Signage XPress Player Kit
IS-SPX-1000 Inspired Signage XPress Player
Inspired-2-Go (Discontinued)
IS-2-GO-COR Corporate PrePak
IS-2-GO-CORLM Corporate PrePak with Live Media
IS-2-GO-EDU Education PrePak
IS-2-GO-EDULM Education PrePak with Live Media
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