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System Diagram

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MCP-106 System Diagram

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MCP-108 System Diagram

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Button Labels



Massio ControlPads

Massio ControlPads
MCP-106 Massio 6-Button ControlPad (US, UK, EU)
MCP-108 Massio 8-Button ControlPad with Knob (US, UK, EU)

Novara ControlPads

Novara 3000 Series ControlPads
CP-3006 6-Button ControlPad (US, UK, EU)
CP-3017-NA 17-Button ControlPad with Navigation (US, UK, EU)
CP-3008 8-Button ControlPad (US, UK, EU)
CP-3017-TR-US 17-Button ControlPad with Navigation and Transport Controls (US)
Novara 3000 Series ControlPad Accessories
AC-3008 Podium Mounting Kit for Novara CP-3008 ControlPad
AC-3017 Podium Mounting Kit for Novara CP-3017-NA Control Pad
CP-RC01 Infrared Remote Control For the Novara CP-3008 and CP-3017 Series ControlPads
PS-POE-EX0.9 PoE For Novara 3000 Series ControlPads
Novara 2000 Series ControlPads (Available in UK/Europe Only)
CP-2004-UK 4-Button ControlPad (UK)
CP-2004-EU 4-Button ControlPad (Europe)
CP-2006-UK 6-Button ControlPad (UK)
CP-2006-EU 6-Button ControlPad (Europe)
CP-2008-UK 8-Button ControlPad (UK)
CP-2008-EU 8-Button ControlPad (Europe)
CP-2012 12-Button ControlPad (UK & Europe)
CP-2016-TR 16-Button ControlPad (UK & Europe)
CP-2024-TR 24-Button ControlPad (UK & Europe)
CP-2024-2TR 24-Button ControlPad (UK & Europe)
Novara 2000 Series Rack-Mount ControlPads (Available in UK/Europe Only)
RP-2008 8-Button KeyPad (UK & Europe)
RP-2016 16-Button KeyPad (UK & Europe)
RP-2016-TR 16-Button KeyPad (UK & Europe)
Novara 2000 Series KeyPads (Available in UK/Europe Only)
SP-2004-UK 4-Button KeyPad (UK)
SP-2004-EU 4-Button KeyPad (Europe)
SP-2006-UK 6-Button KeyPad (UK)
SP-2006-EU 6-Button KeyPad (Europe)
SP-2008-UK 8-Button KeyPad (UK)
SP-2008-EU 8-Button KeyPad (Europe)
SP-2016-TR 16-Button ControlPad (UK & Europe)
SP-2012 12-Button ControlPad (UK & Europe)
SP-2024-TR 24-Button ControlPad (UK & Europe)
Novara 1000 Series ControlPads (Discontinued)
CP-1008-US 8-Button ControlPad (US)
CP-1008-UK 8-Button ControlPad (UK)
CP-1008-EU 8-Button ControlPad (Europe)
CP-1016-TR-US 16-Button ControlPad (US)
CP-1016-TR-UK 16-Button ControlPad (UK)
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