Video Sync Sensor

DescriptionVideo Sync Sensor
Part #FG5916-10

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The Video Sync Sensor (VSS2) is equipped with two independent signal detection channels. When a signal is present, each detection channel initiates a logic-level output, and dual video jacks for each channel allow loop-through operation. The VSS2 is an ideal power sensor for DVDs and other video sources, or to provide a warning on loss of audio, video or RGB signal.

Use the VSS2 to monitor the true power status of a VCR, tuner or satellite receiver and track the video output of each source, sending a logic signal to an input port. The output can also be used to control other AMX closure-driven peripherals, such as the PC1 Power Controller.


  • Detects presence of signal from 1 kHz to greater than 100 kHz
  • 2 independent video sync sensing channels
  • 2 RCA jacks for each channel to allow loop-through operation
  • 2 solid-state outputs that send a logic low signal when sync is present
  • Front-panel LEDs that display on/off status for each channel
  • Compatible with all AMX solid-state and closure input ports
  • Detection of audio, video, and high-resolution RGB signals



  • 1 1/2" x 5" x 5 5/16" (3.8 cm x 12.7 cm x 13.3 cm)
  • RU: 1

10.9 oz (309 g)

12 VDC at 20 mA

Molded black matte plastic

Two open-collector outputs for channels A and B drive a logic low when a video signal is present


  • Power: Green LED indicator
  • Sense 1: Red LED lights when sync is present
  • Sense 2: Red LED lights when sync is present


  • Video Level: 8 MHz, 800 mV typical
  • Sensing:
    - 1 kHz to 3 MHz (200 mV RMS minimum) - 3 MHz to 20 MHz (600 mV RMS minimum) - 20 MHz to 75 MHz (750 mV RMS minimum)

Open collector with internal pull up to 5 V and solid-state logic low when signal is present


  • Video 2: RCA jacks for OUT and IN
  • Video 1: RCA jacks for OUT and IN
  • Sense Out 1 and 2: 4-pin captive-wire terminal
  • 12 VDC: 2-pin power supply jack


  • One 6-pin cable connector
  • Two 4-pin cable connectors
  • One 2-pin power connector

12 VDC power supply, 20 mA minimum

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The most current and complete specifications for this product can always be found at AMX.com: AV for an IT World.

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