Vision²® Video on Demand Server

DescriptionVision² Video on Demand Server
Part # FG3100-06K


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This Product is Discontinued

The V2-VOD-1000 supports up to 300 Mbps of Video on Demand (VoD) streaming, depending on the number of licensed VoD users. It also supports additional storage by connecting up to four V2-STORAGE-2400 (FG3101-01) units to the server.

Beginning with Vision² version 7.2, this VoD server can also act as the master server in a Vision² system; however, the number of supported VoD users will decrease as the number of other services (Record, Producer, and Reflector) increases.

Please note that the V2-VOD-1000 is only compatible with V2-STORAGE-2400 (FG3102-01) storage, and is not compatible with the V2-ARCHIVE-LS (FG3100-04K) storage.


  • 1 Vision² Video on Demand Server with 1.8TB available archive storage
  • 1 Vision² License (FG3100-00L)
  • 2 Archive Licenses (FG3100-05L)
  • 1 10-user VoD License (FG3100-43L)

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