HDMI Pass-Through Universal Transmitter Wallplate (US)

Part #FG1402-53-SB
This Product Has Been Replaced By: UPX-HDMI+A-DE

The UPX-HDMI+A-US HDMI wallplate transmits audio and push button control directly over twisted pair cable to the Enova® AVX-400 or DVX-2100HD. HDMI/HDCP video passes through the wallplate to the connected projector. Users can configure/program the wallplate push button for a variety of functions like selecting the HDMI input and corresponding audio source or toggling between sources. The wallplate is available in black, white or brushed aluminum.

The HDMI Pass-Through Universal Transmitter Wallplate is ideal for classrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums that have one HDMI with HDCP source and a mix of other analog and digital sources that need to be connected at a wall or lectern.


  • HDMI Pass-Through – Use HDMI/HDCP sources in conjunction with the Enova AVX-400 or DVX-2100HD
  • Amplify and Mix Audio – Send stereo audio from the HDMI source over one twisted pair cable to the AVX-400 for amplification and mixing
  • Push Button Control – Source select button can be configured to automatically switch to a newly detected source or toggle between inputs
  • Powered Remotely – Powered by connected Enova AVX-400 or DVX-2100HD
  • Single Gang – Standard size simplifies installation


  • Easily Connect HDMI Sources - HDMI pass-through wallplate simplifies use of HDMI sources in conjunction with the Enova AVX-400 or DVX-2100HD
  • Complete Room Solution - Use with the Novara® 3000 Series ControlPad and AVX-400 for a complete control and AV distribution solution – that requires no programming to setup
  • Standard Twisted Pair - Send stereo audio and projector control signals over standard twisted pair up to 50m


  • Convenient Control Options - Easily switch between sources using Keypad, Touch Panel or pushbutton on the wallplate

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