Dual Power over DXLink Controller

DescriptionDual Power over DXLink Controller
Part #FG1090-170

The PDXL-2 allows for I/O control from a NetLinx controller to power down any connected DXLink devices allowing them to be included in an overall room power savings mode.

Up to two DXLink devices can be powered by the PDXL-2 enabling a stand-alone point-to-point DXLink Transmitter to DXLink Receiver installation in a single room application


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The PDXL-2 is a Power over DXLink injector which allows for remote powering of any two DXLink devices by "injecting" power through the twisted pair cable. The PDXL-2 also accepts I/O control from a NetLinx controller allowing power down capabilities to either (or both) of the connected DXLink devices to achieve power savings when they are not in use.

The PDXL-2 Dual Power over DXLINK Controller provides the ability to power a point-to-point DXLink Transmitter to DXLink Receiver without the need for an AC outlet in proximity to the location of the DXLink devices. When used with a NetLinx controller, the PDXL-2 can power down the DXLink devices as part of a standby mode for an entire room to reduce energy usage.


1 7/16" x 7" x 6 13/16" (36.3 mm x 177.8 mm x 172.4 mm)

2.25 lbs (1.02 kg)


  • Power Connector: (1) 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1.6 A
  • Power Consumption:
    • Maximum Current Draw: 1.0 A
    • Typical Current Draw: 0.35 A
Note: Power consumption varies based on the number and type of powered devices


  • Temperature (Operating): 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
  • Temperature (Storage): –4º to 158ºF (–20º to 70ºC)
  • Humidity (Operating): 90%, Non-condensing (maximum)
  • Humidity (Storage): 95%, Non-condensing (maximum)
  • Operating Altitude: –1000 to 10,000 ft. (–304.8 to 3048 m)


  • DXLink Ports: (2) sets of 2 RJ-45 LAN connectors
  • Transport Layer Throughput: 10.2 Gbps pass thru
  • Power over DXLink Output: (per output)
    • Pin Assignment & Polarity 4/5 (+), 7/8 (–)
    • Output Power Voltage 55 VDC
    • Output Power 30 Watts (guaranteed)


  • Relay Connection Type: (1) 4-pin 3.5 mm (female) captive-wire connectors
    • GND
    • Relay Port2
    • Relay Port1
    • +12V
  • Relay Description:
    • NetLinx Ports 1 & 2
    • Channels 1-2
    • Each relay can switch up to 24 VDC or 28 VAC @ 1 A
    • Each relay is independently controlled
  • Relays: 2
Note: Connecting the PDXL-2 to the I/O port on the NetLinx Central Controller enables you to power off devices


  • (2) LEDs (1 for each DXLink Powered Output)
    • Yellow (On): power is on and active
    • Green (On): A remote terminal is connected


  • Front Components
    • AC Power Indicator
    • Channel Power Indicator
  • Back Components
    • DXLink Ports
    • Power Connector
  • Certifications
  • Mounting Options
    • Compatible with all V Style versatile mounting options including rack, surface or pole
  • Compatible AMX Products
    • DXLink HDMI Transmitter Module
    • DXLink Multi-Format Transmitter Module
    • DXLink Multi-Format Decor Style Wallplate Transmitters (US)
    • DXLink Multi-Format Wallplate Transmitters
    • DXLink HDMI Receiver Module

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The most current and complete specifications for this product can always be found at AMX.com: AV for an IT World.

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