DescriptionNMX-MM-1000, Enzo
Part #FG3211-01


InfoComm 2015 Best Awards - Best Installation Tool
The combination of the AMX Enzo, AMX Sereno Video Conferencing Camera and the Microsoft Lync Conferencing App create a perfect solution for enabling extremely simple to manage, globally accessible, powerfully effective and remarkably affordable high quality video conferences. This video conferencing solution is a favorite for integrators because of its ease of installation; everything is literally plug and play.

2014 Best of InfoComm Awards - Best New Wireless Collaboration Product
AMX presents new features for Enzo product including screen mirroring

2014 Best of InfoComm Awards
At the 2014 InfoComm trade show in Las Vegas, NewBay Media's AV and Pro Audio Group publications presented their first annual Best of Show Awards, honoring outstanding products that were exhibited and new since the prior InfoComm show.

2014 BEST Awards of InfoComm 2014 - Media Servers
The Commercial Integrator BEST Awards program recognizes superlative solutions for an integration business.

2013 Best of InfoComm Awards - Best New Control System Software Product
This is not just an OEM'd network-based room collaboration system. AMX integrated Enzo with software functionality that allows you to share documents from anywhere on the network – not just wirelessly from a laptop or an iPad or via a USB port. This is a creative solution to BYOD.

Revit BIM

This product is part of the Autodesk Revit database and can be specified in designs for Building Information Modeling (BIM). Click here to download the associated Revit .rfa file from the Autodesk SEEK Web site. It is also searchable under 'AMX' in any Autodesk application."

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NMX-MM-1000 Enzo
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NMX-MM-1000, Enzo
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Enzo Firmware
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AMX-PI2 Product Information
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Regulatory Compliance

Enzo® is a content sharing platform built specifically for meeting rooms, classrooms and other collaboration spaces providing instant access to a wide variety of content.

Ideal for use in a huddle room to provide cost-effective presentation and collaboration capabilities for smaller spaces. Use in conference rooms for guest presenters to share documents, photos and access internet content stored on their device or in the cloud. Share content in classrooms from a laptop or mobile device among students and teachers.


  • Laptop Screen Mirroring using MirrorOp* – Present content from your Windows or Mac OSX laptop without an AV cable; visit amx.com/mirrorop for details on downloading MirrorOpp Senders app
  • Content Sharing from Smartphones and Tablets using MirrorOp* – Share local content from your mobile device using Enzo connected to a screen
  • Moderator Mode with Quad View using MirrorOp* – Moderator controls what content is going on the screen, with the ability to select up to 4 devices for display at once
  • "Instant-On" File and Web Browsing – Access content or USB thumb drive files within seconds of entering the room
  • IT Friendly – Avoids OS updates, viruses and other PC-related maintenance hassles and costs
  • End of session data purge – Prevents unintended disclosure of confidential information
  • Native NetLinx Device – Control Enzo using a touch panel and NetLinx Controller
  • PoE, Pass-Through Ethernet and Small Form Factor – Easy to Install
  • Streaming Video Playback – Watch video content such as television or live presentations streamed from an AMX H.264 Encoder over a private network
  • Supported by RPM – Enables one-click launch of a custom Enzo session

*MirrorOp is the industry leading technology for wireless mobile content sharing


1 3/8" x 5 13/16" x 3 1/4" (34.80 mm x 147.32 mm x 83.41 mm)

1.1 lb (.5 Kg)


  • Surface Mount: AVB-VSTYLE-SURFACE-MNT, V Style Single Module Surface Mount Brackets, quantity 2 of 760896, included
  • Rack Mount Adapter: NMX-MM-RKA, Enzo Rack Mount Adapter (FG3211-60), not included, The rack mount adapter is designed for use with V Style Rack Mounting Tray (FG1010-720/721) and V Style Rack Mounting Shelf (FG3201-60), not included


  • FCC
  • IC
  • CE EN 55022 Class A
  • CE EN 55022 Class B
  • CE EN 55024
  • CE EN 60950-1
  • IEC 60950-1
  • C-Tick
  • UL 60950-1
  • VCCI
  • RoHS
  • WEEE


  • Power Consumption: 13 W, (Max)
  • Power over Ethernet: PoE, 802.3AF
  • Power Indicator: (1) LED (red/green), solid red at start of boot, blinking green during boot, solid green after boot is complete


  • External, Required: NMX-MM-1000 requires the use of a 802.3AF Compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector or PoE capable Ethernet Switch, not included
  • Enzo is compatible with PS-POE-AF-TC (FG423-83)


  • Temperature (Operating): 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F)
  • Temperature (Storage): -20° C to 70° C (-4° F to 158° F)
  • Humidity (Operating): 5% to 85%, non-condensing


  • NetLinx:
    • Master Code: URL, Auto, Listen
    • ICSP Security: Yes
  • RS-232:
    • DB-9 Male
    • Supported Baud Rates 150 to 115,200
    • Used to control display
  • Operation Button:
    • Quick press: Sleep
    • Press-and-hold: System Settings


  • Management Interface: On-screen configuration
  • NetLinx On-Screen Keypad:
    • Number of buttons, 12
    • Number of text rows, 3
    • Note: Control can be disabled
  • Supported Documents Office: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf
  • Supported Document Sources:
    • Dropbox
    • USB Drive (only one can be connected to Enzo at a time)
    • Web Browser
    • Note: Document sources can be disabled
  • Supported Document Sharing:
    • Email (all sources)
    • Dropbox (Dropbox documents only)
    • Note: Email document sharing can be disabled
  • Supported Images: .png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif
  • Supported Videos: .mp4 with H.264 video and AAC audio
  • Email:
    • SMTP with SSL or TLS encryption
    • Note: Email can be disabled
  • Maximum Number of Web Applications Supported: TBA
  • Supported Web Browser:
    • Chromium-based web browser that supports HTML5. Plug-ins, including Flash, are not supported.
    • Note: Web browsing can be disabled
  • Wallpaper:
    • Supported Formats: .png
    • Resolutions: any, 1920 x 1080 preferred
    • Customizable: Can select a single wallpaper applied to all screens EXCEPT for start session screen
  • Included Applications: Browser, MirrorOp, Receiver
  • Maximum Number of Application Favorites on Home Screen: 4
  • Screen Mirroring
    • Technology: MirrorOp
    • Maximum Number of Connected Senders: 32
    • Number of Senders on Screen Simultaneously: 1 (Note: Some MirrorOp Senders allow up to four Senders to be shown simultaneously)
    • Supported Sender Clients: Windows 7 & 8, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Android
    • Frame Rate (Windows and Mac OS X): TBA


  • Video Codec: H.264 (up to 1080p30)
  • Audio Codec: AAC
  • Container: MPEG-2 Transport Stream


  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Flash: 16 GB, (12 GB user accessible)


  • Output Connection: (1) HDMI Type A Female
  • Output Signal Type Support: HDMI
  • Output Resolution: 720p, 1080p


  • Output Connection: (1) 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
  • Output Level (Max): 1 Vp-p into 10 kOhms
  • Output Impedance: 200 Ohms


  • Connection: (2) RJ-45, Auto MDI/MDI-X
  • Description: 10/100 BASE-T
  • Link/Act Indicator: (1) LED (green), on for link, blink off for activity
  • Speed Indicator: (1) LED (yellow), on for 100 BASE-T, off for 10 BASE-T
  • Note: Integrated 2 port Ethernet switch allows a connection to PoE (power and network), along with an auxiliary connection for another device to the network drop in the room


  • Connection:
    • (4) USB 2.0 Type A
    • Connect USB drive to display documents
    • Connect keyboard and mouse
  • +5 V Current Output (Max): 4 W total across all USB connections
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse:
    • Supports 2.4 GHz RF wireless keyboard and mouse using wireless dongle (not included)
    • Note: Does not support Bluetooth keyboard and mouse


  • Mounting Options:
    • Surface Mount: AVB-VSTYLE-SURFACE-MNT, V Style Single Module Surface Mount Brackets, quantity 2 of 760896, included
    • Rack Mount Adapter: NMX-MM-RKA, Enzo Rack Mount Adapter (FG3211-60), not included
    • The rack mount adapter is designed for use with V Style Rack Mounting Tray (FG1010-720/721) and V Style Rack Mounting Shelf (FG3201-60), not included
  • Included Accessories:
    • AVB-VSTYLE-SURFACE-MNT, V Style Single Module Surface Mount Brackets, quantity 2 of 760896, included
  • Optional Accessories:
    • PS-POE-AF-TC, PoE Injector, 802.3AF Compliant (FG423-83)
    • CBL-HDMI-FL2, HDMI 4K60 MyTurn-Ready Flat Cable (FG10-2192-16 / 32)
    • CBL-HDMI-FL, HDMI High Speed Flat Cable (FG10-2180-16)
    • NMX-MM-RKA, Enzo Rack Mount Adapter (FG3211-60)
    • AVB-VSTYLE-RMK, V Style Rack Mounting Tray (FG1010-720/721)
    • NMX-VRK, V Style Rack Mounting Shelf (FG3201-60)

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The most current and complete specifications for this product can always be found at AMX.com: AV for an IT World.

PS-POE-AF-TC PoE Injector, 802.3AF Compliant (FG423-83)
CBL-HDMI-FL2 HDMI 4K60 MyTurn-Ready Flat Cable (FG10-2192-16/32)
CBL-HDMI-FL HDMI High Speed Flat Cable (FG10-2180-16)
NMX-MM-RKA Enzo Rack Mount Adapter (FG3211-60)
AVB-VSTYLE-RMK V Style Rack Mounting Tray (FG1010-720/721)
NMX-VRK V Style Rack Mounting Shelf, 12" Depth (FG3201-60)
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