Rack Mount Kit for 19.4" Modero X Series Landscape Touch Panel

DescriptionRack Mount Kit for 19.4" Modero X Series Landscape Wall Mount Touch Panel
Part #FG5969-61
This Product is Discontinued

The MXA-RMK-20 Rack Mount Kit is an optional accessory for 19.4" Modero X Series Wall Mount Touch Panels that allow these panels to be mounted directly to an equipment rack. The kit includes a rack mount frame, screws and washers. It is compatible with MXD-1901-PAN-L (FG5968-43 ), MXD-1900L-PAN-L (FG5968-12) and MXD-1900L-PAN-L-NC (FG5968-23).


7" x 21" x 2 1/16" (177.0 mm x 533.4 mm x 53.1 mm)

3.25 lbs (1.47 kg)


  • MXA-RMK-19 Installation Guide (93-5969-61)
  • Rack Mount Panel, 19.4" Modero Wall Touch Panel (62-5968-48)
  • Screws, #10-32 PFH 1.75" Long, Black (4) (80-5968-01)
  • Screws, #6-32 x .375, PPH, Black (4) (80-0138)
  • Washers, #6, Flat, 3/8 Diameter, .03 Thick, Stainless Steel (4)(80-0322-01)

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