Upgrade Kit and Service, Modero X G4 to Modero X G5

MXA-G5-UPG-19/20D, CPU Upgrade 19.4/20.3" Wall Mount Touch Panels
Part #FG5968-77
This Product is Discontinued

Get the power and flexibility of the new Modero X Series G5 Touch Panel for a fraction of the cost. Customers who currently own a Modero X Series G4 Touch Panel can upgrade to the new G5 Graphic Engine with this upgrade Kit. The kit includes the G5 Graphics Engine upgrade, Quad Core Processor upgrade, and the service for AMX to perform the swap-out. Upgrade kits are available for 7",10.1",19.4" and 20.3" Modero X G4 Series Touch Panels – wall mount, tabletop, portrait and landscape.

The MXA-G5-UPG Upgrade Kit is compatible with these Modero X G4 Touch Panels: FG5968-01, FG5968-05, FG5968-11, FG5968-02, FG5968-06, FG5968-12, FG5968-03, FG5968-07, FG5968-13, FG5968-04, FG5968-08, FG5968-14.

The MXA-G5-UPG Upgrade Kit is not compatible with Modero X-NC (no Camera, no Microphone, no NFC) models including: FG5968-32, FG5968-33, FG5968-34, FG5968-21, FG5968-22, FG5968-23, FG5968-24, FG5968-25, FG5968-26, FG5968-27, FG5968-28, and FG5968-29.

Contact your AMX Sales representative for details.

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