Flush Mount Kit for 10" Modero X® Series Wall Mount Touch Panels

DescriptionFlush Mount Kit, 10" Modero X Wall
Part #FG5968-70

Revit BIM

This product is part of the Autodesk Revit database and can be specified in designs for Building Information Modeling (BIM). Click here to download the associated Revit .rfa file from the Autodesk SEEK Web site. It is also searchable under 'AMX' in any Autodesk application."

The MXA-FMK-10 Flush Mount Kit allows the Modero X 10” Wall Mount Touch Panels to be installed totally flush with the wall. Once installed, simply press lightly on the touch panel and the spring-loaded mechanism extracts the panel just slightly for access to the side buttons and enhanced speaker exposure. MXA-FMK-10 is compatible with all Modero X 10” Wall Mount Touch Panels including MXD-1001-P (FG5968-48), MXD-1001-L (FG5968-49), MXD-1000-P (FG5968-07), MXD-1000-L (FG5968-13), MXD-1000-P-NC (FG5968-25), and MXD-1000-L-NC (FG5968-26)

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