ViewStat Color Communicating Thermostat

Color Communicating Thermostat with 3-Year i!-Weather License (Enhanced UI)
Part #FG2050-12K

The ENV-VST-C energy-saving features include 7-day programming, four set points per day, and 5-day weather forecasting.


2008 Innovative Housing Technology Award - Best Overall Home Tech Product
The 2008 Innovative Housing Technology Awards were announced during PCBC 2008. Presented by TecHome Builder magazine, these are the most prestigious housing technology awards for the homebuilding industry. IHTA finalists and winners improve the livability of our homes and make the process of building and improving homes more efficient and cost-effective.

2008 Product of the Year
The central intelligence products of your entertainment and automation systems get their deserved recognition. Electronic House recognized the ViewStat as a winning product in their Controls and Cables category.

D-Tools Certified Product

This product can be found in the D-Tools manufacturer product database and specified as a third party device when building and proposing a system using D-Tools System Integrator software. D-Tools data includes attributes that make it easier to sell, design, and install systems including: overview, specifications, images, product documentation and more. AMX is a member of the D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) program designed to provide D-Tools customers the most up-to-date product information.


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This Product is Discontinued

The ENV-VST-C is a color communicating thermostat that includes a 3.5" color display and is fully programmable for automatic scheduling, automatic temperature and relative humidity adjustments, and power-outage protection. It also communicates with NetLinx Controllers for convenient, centralized management of temperature information from your touch panel. Several new enhancements have been added including main page graphic improvements, context sensitive help messages, and an energy saving comfort recovery mode.

Ideal for managing the temperature levels in living areas, sleeping areas, and hallways in residences, businesses and other heated and cooled environments from easy to use interfaces like a touch panel.


  • Improved navigation with easier access to different settings from the main screen
  • Comfort recovery mode starts adjusting temperature ahead of arrival
  • Current weather conditions display updated every 30 minutes
  • Help pages improved to include context sensitive information
  • Improved programming features including diagnostic mode and new modules for ViewStat and i!-Weather

  • 3.5" (320x240) color active display provides clear bright images
  • Humidity display and control
  • 7/1 programmable settings with 4 set points per day
  • 5-day weather forecast optional (through included 3-Year i!-Weather License)
  • Current date and time
  • Communicates with AMX NetLinx control system for system-level control and scheduling
  • Stylish design and paintable surface complements any decor
  • Versatile HVAC control, including single- and two-stage furnace and A/C, roof top two-stage heat and cool, boilers with A/C, single and two-stage heat pumps, and first-stage radiant floor heat
  • Includes remote temperature sensor for reading outdoor or second zone temperature


5 1/3" x 4" x 1 1/4" (13.5 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm)

5.29 oz (150 grams)


  • NetLinx Control Systems
  • Standalone mode (does not provide forecasting capabilities in standalone mode)


  • Control Voltage: 24 VAC, must be powered by HVAC system
  • Switched Voltage: 18 – 30 VAC, 57-63 Hz
  • Maximum Operating Current: 2 amps total at rated voltage, through all outputs. 1 amp through any one output
  • Maximum Surge Current: 2.0 A
  • Internal Battery: CR2032 for maintaining real-time clock settings during a power loss


  • 3.5" TFT color QVGA active-matrix LCD, thin film transistor liquid
  • Screen resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Crystal Display (TFT-LCD)
  • Navigation Buttons: The Navigation buttons are used to change various parameters on the thermostat, including the temperature setpoints. These buttons are located beneath the display
  • Mode/Select Button: The Mode/Select button is used to navigate through the various thermostat screens, including the weather screens. This button is located beneath the display


White plastic paintable faceplate


  • Control Accuracy: + 1.0° Fahrenheit (+ 0. 56° Celsius)
  • Control Range: 45° to 90° Fahrenheit (7° to 32° Celsius)
  • Operating Range: 40° to 99° Fahrenheit (5° to 37° Celsius)


  • Single Stage Furnace & AC (5 HVAC wires)
  • Two Stage Furnace & AC (7 HVAC wires)
  • Roof Top Unit (Two Stage Heat & Two Stage Cool (7 HVAC wires)
  • Boiler with AC (Two Transformers) / (5 HVAC wires)
  • Single Stage Heat Pump
  • Two Stage Heat Pump
  • First Stage Radiant Floor Heat, Second Stage Furnace with One Stage of cooling (6 HVAC wires)

Communication and HVAC Equipment Connectors: Terminals with captive-wire connectors that connect the Thermostat, HVAC equipment, Control System, remote sensor


  • ENV-VST-C ViewStat Color Communicating Thermostat Installation Guide (93-2050-01)
  • ENV-VST-TSO ViewStat Outdoor Temperature sensor (FG2050-22)
  • i!-Weather application (FG070-518), three-year subscription

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The most current and complete specifications for this product can always be found at AMX.com: AV for an IT World.

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ENV-VST-TSF ViewStat Flush Mount Indoor Temperature Sensor (FG2050-21)
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