EDID Programmer

In-field Programming of EDID Data on Input Board EEPROM Chips

D-Tools Certified Product

This product can be found in the D-Tools manufacturer product database and specified as a third party device when building and proposing a system using D-Tools System Integrator software. D-Tools data includes attributes that make it easier to sell, design, and install systems including: overview, specifications, images, product documentation and more. AMX is a member of the D-Tools Manufacturer Vantage Point (MVP) program designed to provide D-Tools customers the most up-to-date product information.

AMX-PI2 Product Information
Matrix Switcher Tools

EDID Programmer
EXE | 22.9 MB | v 1.2.1

AMX's EDID Programmer software is used for in-field programming of EDID data that exists on input board EEPROM chips, allowing for custom configuration of the EDID data so that a video source device can learn the capabilities of an attached video monitor.

Currently supports the following AutoPatch Matrix Switchers:

  • Epica DG
  • Epica DGX 16
  • Epica DGX 32
  • Epica DGX 144
  • Optima 8x8 DVI
    • Board: FG1046-659 (AVS-OP-0808-VIO-DVI-2S)
    • Pre-Engineered Matrix Switcher: FGP46-0808-DD0 (AVS-OP-0808-DD0)
    • Board: FG1046-614 (AVS-OP-0808-HDMI-2S)
    • Pre-Engineered Matrix Switcher: FGP46-0808-JD0 (AVS-OP-0808-JD0)
  • DGX HD-15 Fiber TX/RX Modules
  • DGX DVI Fiber TX/RX Modules
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