Digital Video Broadcasting, Terrestrial, dual tuner transmitter, over Ethernet with Multicast Distribution

DescriptionDigital TV Transmitter DVB-T
Part #FG1410-01

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  • Getting Started with Television Distribution System (online)

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This Product is Discontinued

This transmitter receives the incoming DVB Terrestrial signal and sends the digital TV content to the DTV Receiver located at the display. It features a dual tuner.

AMX Television Distribution System
The AMX Television Distribution System is a line of Digital TV (DTV) distribution products designed to transmit digital TV content over Ethernet using a multicast enabled LAN as opposed to a separate dedicated coaxial cable for an easy-to-implement digital TV solution. The AMX DTV Transmitters send a complete transport stream (MPEG2) which can include multiple individual channels of live programming to an AMX DTV Receiver located at the large format display. When used with an AMX NetLinx Controller, the AMX Television Distribution System can also send control information over the Ethernet network allowing the ability to centrally manage the displays such as powering them on and off.

The AMX Television Distribution System is used to distribute TV programming throughout a building using commonly available Ethernet for distribution. It is ideal for the delivery of digital television signals around a corporate office including reception areas, lobbies and meeting rooms. It can also deliver TV signals to multiple displays simultaneously such as in stadiums, hospitals, hotels, bars and educational facilities. The AMX Television Distribution System efficiently delivers DTV programming plus provides a simple infrastructure that extends control to the display devices without the need for any additional hardware.


  • Allows control, power and digital TV over one twisted pair cable, eliminating the need for coaxial cable runs and allowing the use of existing Ethernet infrastructure
  • IR and Serial control at the receiver location allows for NetLinx control of the display (channel, volume and power on/off) and a handheld IR remote can be used to access the Electronic Programming Guide and change channels
  • Includes administrative software which allows for selection of which incoming channels are broadcast out to the AMX DTV Receivers at the displays. The DTV-TX01-DVB-T and DTV-TX02-DVB-S Transmitters contain two tuners supporting two streams of content or up to 8 selected channels per tuner. The DTV-TX03-US Transmitter supports one stream or up to 8 selected channels
  • Various models support different international signal transmission types including DVB-T (Terrestrial) or DVB-S (Satellite) for countries outside North America, and ClearQAM plus ATSC for use within North America
  • Video is sent using a multicast method which uses less network bandwidth versus other methods
  • No additional encoding is required with an AMX Television Distribution System, reducing latency and delivering digital TV video faster than most
  • Incorporates and supports NetLinx via a Duet module which allows all system activity to be controlled by an AMX NetLinx controller. This makes it possible to completely control, schedule, or monitor the entire system including centralized powering off and on of all displays to save energy
  • The AMX Television Distribution System is compatible with Resource Management Suite®, AMX's innovative meeting room management, scheduling and equipment monitoring software package to facilitate centralized monitoring of remote displays to make sure they are operational
  • Receivers can tune into other encoded video signals at the display


2 3/16" x 5 7/16" x 7 5/8" (5.6cm x13.7cm x 19.3cm)

2.7 lbs (1.3 kg)

6 W

2 internal tuners


  • 480 ~ 860 MHz
  • -35 ~ -50 dBm


  • Operating Temperature: 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Operating Humidity: Max. relative humidity - 85% (non-condensing)


  • CE
  • FCC part 15 Class A


  • NETWORK Connector: Standard RJ45 connector.
  • LEDs: Three LEDs indicate the status of the Transmitter:
    • Streaming LED (green)
    • Network Connectivity LED (green)
    • Power status LED (yellow)
  • Common Interface (Slots 1 & 2) -- Dual Common Interface Slots enable the Transmitter to select encrypted channels in cases where this is supported by the broadcaster. -- Note: Before de-scrambling content using the Common Interface Slots, ensure that you have the appropriate authority/rights to transmit the de-scrambled content on your network.
  • RESET button: Press to reboot the Transmitter.


  • RF INPUTs: Two TV aerial plug/Belling-Lee connectors accept incoming terrestrial signals.
  • RF OUTPUTs: Two RF aerial plug/Belling-Lee connectors allow you to daisy chain DTV-TX01-DVB Transmitters together. -- Note: There is a 3db signal loss on RF output relative to the RF input.
  • Factory Reset Button: Press the recessed Factory Reset button while simultaneously pressing the Reset button on the front panel to perform a full factory reset (resets flash and reboots the Transmitter in the factory default IP address mode).
  • SERIAL (RS232): DB9 serial connector for local command line interface (RS232 only).
  • PWR: 2-pin mini-phoenix connector provides 12VDC power from the power supply.

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The most current and complete specifications for this product can always be found at AV for an IT World.

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Learn important installation, configuration and programming techniques in the following course(s) from Harman Professional University:

  • Getting Started with Television Distribution System (online)

For schedules and registration for these and any Harman Professional University courses, visit College of AMX.

DTV-RK Rack Mount, DVB-T or DVB-S Transmitter (Discontinued) (FG1410-60)
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