Ethernet Gateway

DescriptionEthernet Gateway
Part #FG5970-10
This Product is Discontinued

The AXB-NET Ethernet Gateway is the world's first backwards-compatible network/Internet link for advanced control systems. Providing a 10/100baseT network connection, the AXB-NET uses TCP/IP protocol to distribute Axcess systems control via AxLink over a network, through intranet, or on the Internet. A flexible networking tool, the AXB-NET is able to connect remote components of a single system, to create an interactive pathway between multiple system Masters, as well as provide an IP link to WebLinx Servers and browser applications. When employed as a single-system network extender, one AXB-NET unit can act as a Server for as many as 16 remote sites.


  • RJ-45 jack for 10/100baseT Ethernet network (8-pin)
  • RJ-11 jack to connect AXB-SPE (6-pin)
  • DB-9 male connector for configuring AXB-NET operation


  • Red LEDs indicate status as Client or Server
  • Red and green LEDs indicate network communication
  • Green LED indicates AxLink data transmission

ENCLOSURE: Metal with black matte finish

DIMENSIONS (HWD): 1 1/2" x 5 9/16" x 5 7/16" (38.4 mm x 141 mm x 138.4 mm)

WEIGHT: 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg)

Note: Specifications are subject to change. The most current and complete specifications for this product can always be found at AV for an IT World.

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