AutoPatch Matrix Switcher Administration and Maintenance Software


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AMX-PI2 Product Information
Matrix Switcher Tools

ZIP | 53.26 MB | v 1.2.4

AutoPatch INI Updater
ZIP | 191 KB | v 16.9.1

APDiagnostics is a Java application that monitors, displays, and collects advanced diagnostic information on products that are capable of reporting such data, e.g., the Epica DG. The interface provides a visual depiction of current system health that can be used to quickly identify problems that might occur.

Currently supports the following AutoPatch Matrix Switchers:

  • Enova DGX 8
  • Enova DGX 16
  • Enova DGX 32
  • Epica DG
  • Epica DGX 16
  • Epica DGX 32
  • Epica DGX 144
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