AutoPatch Matrix Switcher Control and Event Scheduler Software

APControl provides a simple, easy to use interface for control of AutoPatch signal routing equipment. Intuitive "matrix view" interface provides simple control by clicking on crosspoints to connect or disconnect devices. Provides simple breakaway or audio-follow-video switching. Event scheduler makes it simple to execute scheduled switches at any future date- events can be one-time or repeating on an interval you specify.

APControl 3.0.1 can be customized to fit the needs of your installation. Simply create CrossBar views for different Virtual Matrix configurations within the same system, then change background colors, and add custom text and icons as desired.

APControl 3.0.1 supports the following AutoPatch Matrix Switchers:

  • Precis LT
  • Precis DSP
  • Precis SD
  • Octaire
  • Optima
  • Optima SD
  • Modula
  • Modula CatPro
  • Epica
  • Epica DG
  • 8Y (Discontinued)
  • Precis HT (Discontinued)

APControl 2.2 supports the following Discontinued AutoPatch Matrix Switchers:
(Download available in our Applications Archive)

  • 1YDM/1Y-16 (Discontinued)
  • Half-Y (Discontinued)
  • 4YDM (Discontinued)
  • 8YXL (Discontinued)


    • Intuitive central point of control
    • Customizable system names
    • Easy access to informative help files and getting started topics
    • Easy access to CrossBar, Macro, and Scheduler views
  • CROSSBAR VIEW (View Large Image)
    • Execute and disconnect switches
    • Create CrossBar views for each Virtual Matrix (group of inputs and outputs)
    • Customize each CrossBar view with a unique name, color and layout
    • Customize input / output text and add icons
  • MACRO VIEW (View Large Image)
    • Define and execute macros including switches, presets, and volume adjustments
    • Handles an almost limitless number of macros, (based on PC memory)
    • Displays all defined macros for easy selection
    • "Point-and-click" record feature writes BCS commands for you
  • SCHEDULER VIEW (View Large Image)
    • Set up specific times and intervals to automatically execute control commands and/or already-defined macros
    • Handles several hundred separate event schedules or tasks
    • Customize each task with a unique name
    • Add a description to each task for further clarification
    • Optional repeat function programs tasks to repeat automatically

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