RMS Enterprise is scalable client/server based software for IT and AV managers that provides remote management and scheduling capabilities for AV assets and building systems.

The software features a user-friendly dashboard making it easy to centralize the management and monitoring of AV equipment, lights, HVAC and other building functions. This allows end users to proactively maintain AV displays before a bulb burns out or receive immediate notification when a device goes offline. IT and AV managers can improve their response times and end users will reduce the amount of lost productivity while waiting for meeting room equipment to function.

Scheduler integrates with popular scheduling applications to display appointments, make ad-hoc bookings, and preset rooms for start and end of events.

Quick Response Scheduling uses QR Codes to direct mobile device web browsers to view the current day's events for the scanned location.

Rapid Project Maker (RPM) - Supports RMS by including monitoring capabilities plus scheduling. Adding RMS to an RPM project is as simple as a checkbox.

Network Media RMS Integration - Connect the IS-XPT-2000 directly to RMS Enterprise in order to monitor, control, and send messages to the signage player

Novara 3000 Series and RMS - K-12 schools, universities and businesses can easily integrate independent building systems into a single unified control platform that centralizes management, improves response time and streamlines processes using RMS.

RMS Enterprise Cloud - Now you can take advantage of all the benefits and features of the RMS application without installing and managing the physical server infrastructure. To subscribe to RMS Cloud Services, please visit the AMX Service Portal.

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