Network Operating Centers (NOC)

From local law enforcement agencies to global communications operators, AMX technology effectively facilitates the command and control features of sophisticated network operations centers (NOC) around the world. Utilizing high-speed cabling, global Internet access and the one-touch automation capabilities of AMX Control Systems, a number of tasks can be accomplished efficiently and effectively. AMX helps you to operate your network operations center with significant ease, reliability and peace of mind.

Security breaches, natural disasters, technical failures and sudden emergencies comprise the daily life of a NOC. Using AMX Control Systems, the NOC is transformed into a viable, extremely capable command center. This unified network seamlessly maintains and manages a variety of single-purpose electronic equipment, prompts immediate action and delivers results. Vital information is gathered from sensors, cameras, gauges, meters and database infrastructures already in place. The right facts and figures determine the right decisions.

The communications link, created by AMX technology, empowers the NOC to properly assess a given situation, systematically consider the right courses of action, and effectively communicate alerts and responses to the necessary agencies field response teams, media outlets and other related departments. The intuitive nature of AMX control and automation is what makes this great technology even greater. Real data. Real time. Real results.

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