Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU)

AMX can provide automation and control solutions to your MDU Multi-Dwelling Unit in master-planned communities, country club estates, urban lofts or high-rise condominiums.

Environmental Controls for Lighting Presets, HVAC, and Window Treatments

A resident can customize the climate in their MDU with AMX controllers and Touch Panels. Environmental controls like lighting, HVAC, and window treatments can be controlled directly or with presets for every climate zone in your MDU. These zones can be customized for various times throughout the day or night.

AV Control and Distribution

With an advanced AMX control system, a resident can control audio, video and home theater systems, and other home electronic equipment. A resident can control audio or video entertainment distributed to multiple zones in their MDU. The AMX system allows hotel guests to access and play audio and video content.

Intercom Communications to Guests and Building Maintenance

AMX Touch Panels can be used for advanced intercom communications to assist residents with welcoming visitors guests in a secure way, call to rooms inside their MDU, and call building maintenance or maid services.

Real-Time Equipment Monitoring and Services Updating by MDU Property Owner

AMX systems can allow MDU appliances and other products and services to be maintained and faults can be corrected by property managers without the residentís involvement with an AMX system. Also, property managers can quickly update menus of services and information they offer to residents.

Customer Profiles

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