Houses of Worship

Churches of all sizes rely on AMX Worship Solutions to control the technology they need to create a more dynamic and comfortable worship experience.

Audio/Video Content Distribution

AMX lets churches display song lyrics on strategically positioned screens, eliminating the need for printed songbooks. A single AMX Touch Panel can be used to:

  • Launch and control special video presentations to enhance sermon themes
  • Activate microphones and spotlights on cue

Central Control Rooms

AMX enables every integrated electronic device to be controlled, automated, routed, and edited. Audio and lighting levels, as well as timed sequences crucial to the seamless presentation of each service, can be effortlessly directed and managed using an AMX Touch Panel.

Environmental Controls

AMX Touch Panels can deliver just the right amount of lighting and sound to all areas of the church, adjust temperatures, and even control window shades – all at the touch of a button.

Lighting Controls/Presets

AMX controls all types of lighting equipment, including dimmers and lighting boards. By touching the image corresponding to a particular part of the service, a volunteer can instantly activate the appropriate pre-set lighting without any technical training or expertise.

Multimedia Presentations

Churches can integrate video, audio and computer equipment via AMX control systems to deliver creative multimedia presentations and add dramatic effects to their holiday productions.

Building Security

Valuable church property can be protected from theft by installing an AMX control system to control external security lighting, door locks, and intruder alarms.

Energy/Water Management

Churches can reduce energy costs by using an AMX control system to manage their heating, air conditioning, and other utilities and automatically adjust for peak and off-peak usage of their facilities.

Bookstore Points-Of-Purchase

An AMX controller, combined with an AMX Touch Panel, provides fluid control over plasma screens, LCD monitors, and overhead music. The panel’s user-friendly interface allows the end user to manage the routing of images and sounds being played in different areas of the store at the simple touch of a button.

Guest Kiosks

Churches can greet their guests with vibrant images and information about events and points of interest for parents, teens, children, and singles. An AMX Touch Panel behind the kiosk’s counter can continuously update graphics, text, and sounds by communicating directly with hidden VCRs, DVDs, and PCs via the AMX controller.

Networked Offices

An AMX control system lets churches spread their technology throughout their facilities. For example, a camera in one room can feed video to one or more other rooms.

Religious Education

AMX's unique resource management software manages and monitors technology in multiple classrooms within a church. Equipment monitoring and scheduling help increase the reliability and productivity of the church's valuable equipment investment.

Remote Facility Access

Users can communicate directly with AMX technology even when they’re away from the facility by using a secure Internet connection.

Automated Bell Towers

Most modern churches use electronic carillon or chime systems, rather than expensive cast bronze bells. AMX control systems can automate these systems to chime on cue.

Volunteer Training

AMX Touch Panels’ simple user interfaces make it easy for volunteers to control even the most complex equipment, with little or no training.

AMX WorshipManager

WorshipManager software constantly monitors your equipment to ensure that everything is working as it should. WorshipManager can also generate reports to help you schedule equipment maintenance and make critical purchase decisions.

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