Irvine Police Department

Irvine, California

Police officers face many dangers in their jobs. For the Irvine Police Department, their officers deal with unknown and the unpredictable, never truly knowing the outcome of any situation they enter into. Their commanders saw a need for an advanced Mobile Command & Control Vehicle that could be mobilized at a moments notice, employing the power and speed of AMX® control technology.

"The AMX control systems allows the department to respond quicker and to communicate more effectively in critical situations"

"Their new mobile communication vehicle allows them to be really effective in the field right there at the scene of whatever's occurring," explains Jeffrey Kaylor, Systems Integration Manager & Senior Design Engineer at CompView. "The AMX control system allows the department to respond quicker and to communicate more effectively in critical situations. The command vehicle is a significant investment in the community's public safety."

Coordinating Resources

The Irvine, California Police Department commissioned Orange County's first Command and Control vehicle. Measuring 45-foot long, the vehicle required seamless integration of voice, data, and video communications to enable Incident Commanders to coordinate tremendous resources at the scene of an event. The vehicle's primary objectives would include on-site management of major traffic collisions, aircraft crashes, hazardous material spills, major crime scenes, crimes in progress and natural disasters.

Systems integrator CompView, a GSA contractor, used AMX control systems and touch panel to seamlessly integrate the communications system. With a touch of a button, officers can access real time police report data and internet news & weather reports, view live video feeds and record video for future viewing and communicate with officers on the scene. This allows the Irvine Police Department to better evaluate the status of the incident, determine their tactics and remain in communications with officers on the scene and back at headquarters.

Scalable System

"It is an office on wheels equipped with state-of-the-art AMX technology," says Jeffrey. "We developed a scalable system that could be upgraded as technology advances."

"It's very exciting to partner with AMX for the most advanced technological emergency communications vehicle in Orange County."

In the mobile conference room, integrated into the wall is an AMX MVP-8400 8.4" Wireless Touch Panel which provides Incident Commanders with easy one-touch routing and control over all of the audio visual systems. The touch panel features a security system that requires the user to enter a pass code to release the touch panel from the docking station. Once the touch panel display is released from the wall mount it becomes a wireless touch panel providing the Incident Commander with the flexibility to use the device anywhere inside or outside the vehicle.

Safety and Security

The galley is located in the center of the vehicle and holds the heart of the audio visual system in two built-in equipment racks. This controls three technology zones: communication and dispatch area, the conference room and the outside workstation, designed for emergency staff to gather around to view the latest news of the event and receive directions.

One equipment rack contains the audio visual equipment routers and decoders. CompView selected the AMX/AutoPatch® Modula series of routers because this system is capable of routing RGBHV from eight interfaced operators, dual screen computers, and conference center PC's, component video from satellite receivers, and video sources along with stereo audio to all areas of the vehicle, both internal and external.

The command vehicle allows police officers the accessibility to respond to major policing functions with all the support required to provide the highest level of policing to their citizens. AMX solutions make the Mobile Command & Control Vehicle the most advanced technological emergency communications vehicle in Orange County.

Irvine Police Department
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