Aetna Computer Network Command Center

Middletown, Connecticut

Aetna is a worldwide leader in health care, dental, pharmacy, group life, disability, and long-term care insurance, as well as employee benefits. Recognized by Fortune magazine as one of the country's Most Admired Companies, Aetna is headquartered in Hartford, Conn. with satellite offices in Blue Bell, Penn. and Middletown, Conn.

"Since installing an AMX control system in the CNCC, we've significantly increased efficiency, enabling us to do more in less time."

Aetna's Middletown campus houses the company's impressive Computer Network Command Center (CNCC), which manages and monitors Aetna's Information Technology (IT) operations around the clock – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The facility is divided into three distinct areas – Network Operations, which oversees the company's Ethernet connectivity; Data Operations, which is responsible for maintaining applications, servers and mainframes; and Mission Control, which coordinates and troubleshoots any significant quality of service issues that may arise with the company's network and data operations.

As Bob Reynolds, Aetna's lead computer specialist explains, "It's extremely important for the CNCC to integrate the most advanced technologies to ensure we receive immediate notification of any IT problem. Our sophisticated systems also provide the tools and resources needed to rapidly respond to and solve these problems."

Streamlined Control

A critical component of the CNCC is its AMX® control and automation system. "A control system was essential for this facility because of the sheer number of sources and components it requires," said Ben Watkins, technology integration engineer for Constant Technologies, an AMX system integrator based in Wickford, RI.

The AMX system in the CNCC provides centralized control of the facility's video cubes, LCD displays, display wall processors, audio and video switchers, overhead lighting, video and audio conferencing equipment, cable television receivers, DVD players and VCRs.

Increased Efficiency

For example, using AMX 15" Modero® Touch Panels, CNCC staff can quickly preview, select, route and display any source device in the room – including desktop PCs, cable television receivers and videoconferencing equipment – to any or multiple video cubes and/or flat panel displays. Without an AMX interface to the display wall processor, this would be a tedious, time consuming task for Reynolds and his staff, explained Watkins.

"Since installing an AMX control system in the CNCC, we've significantly increased efficiency, enabling us to do more in less time," added Reynolds. "With AMX at the core of our network command center, we've been able to improve our customer service, resulting in an overall satisfaction level that's as high or higher than it's ever been."

The AMX system in the CNCC is especially valuable during times of crisis because it maximizes staff efficiency, enabling quicker resolutions. By selecting pre-programmed macros via the Modero Touch Panel, staff can execute a series of commands, such as dimming the lights, switching audio and video, and initiating a videoconference with just one touch.

"It used to take Bob and his staff about an hour to set up a video conference call and route it to the video wall. Thanks to AMX, this process now takes about two minutes," said Watkins.

Safety and Security

"Today, the CNCC is really a showcase for Aetna," said Reynolds. "When a current or prospective client visits, they see several large video walls displaying a multitude of information and staff members who can walk up to one of the touch panels in the wall and make just about anything happen. I believe this provides a level of comfort to them, knowing the steps Aetna has taken to ensure our network and data are safe and secure."

Aetna CNCC
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