Today's fastest growing media affiliates and largest film studios incorporate AMX technology as a way to maximize the return on investment by optimizing their time. Powerful AMX Control Systems and user-friendly AMX Touch Panels facilitate peak efficiency and achieve broadcast quality without compromising overall production or creativity.

Accuracy is a must. Harnessing AMX technology to integrate the surrounding equipment necessary to perform the many tasks of production, remains vital. AMX takes sophisticated electronics and lessens the learning curve. One touch automation boosts overall reliability, minimizing possible downtime by tracking the status of each device 24 hours a day.

Think of broadcasting as a race - one that relies heavily upon perfect timing. Not only to reach your audience first, but to reach them with the latest, most accurate information, exhilarating images and intense sounds. At the touch of a button on your AMX Touch Panel, fine adjustments are made to audio/video signals, cued tapes, recorded broadcasts, time tracking, pre-timed segments, teleprompter scripts and camera angles. Maximum results, minimal effort, thanks to AMX.

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